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Please Note: These are old programs that I have abandoned but left here for prosperity

The FTP Site contains the code to 5 different programs that will allow the user to put together simple Neural simulations. All code is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 using Winsock with UDP as the protocol.

There are several README.TXT files on the FTP site that gives info on how these programs work. Make sure you read these files. Once at the respective site after clicking the link below, right-click on the ZIP file and "Save As" to your local drive.

Sensory Input Program
The Sensory Input program allows the user to set up the initial stimuli for the neural system. This program only transmits out to a set of Nine (9) given port addresses.

Simple Neuron
The Neuron program is a program that has both input and output parameters and exhibits all the attributes of a biological Neuron. This is simple because it has only one output.

Complex Neuron
The Neuron program allows growth and will connect to other Neurons in the next layer as described by it's target matrix.

Complex 2 Neuron
This Neuron program has attributes of both Complex and Simple Neurons. This is used for Loop Backs to self simulatation and for inhibitory purposes.

The Output program determines whether a Threshold has been met and displays whether it is "At Rest" or "Excited". This allows us to determine the state of our network.

The Entire FTP Site

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